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Texturing is not simply something that is nice to have. In most cases, texturing is crucial in order to enable the yarn to be further processed. This is for example the case for artifical and synthetic yarns. Although they are superior to natural yarns in some aspects (e.g. their regularity, resistance against mildew or that they are easy to care), they often are very smooth, hard and almost glass-like which would complicate their assignment in the textile chain. 

This is where texturing is called into action. Texturing provides a yarn with textile characteristics by restructuring the smooth surface to a more voluminous and handy one. Textured yarn has thus improved softness, bulk and covering capacity, enhanced heat retention and an elasticity matched to its ultimate application.

Thermoplastic yarns, like Polyamides and Polyester, are especially suitable for texturing.

The main texturing processes are:
  • friction textured (HE or Set)
    Texturing process where the yarn goes through friction discs that create a twist which is then immediately fixed by heat. Friction textured yarn type "Set" is afterwards again heat-fixed (two heater) whereas HE textured yarn only is fixed once (one heater).
  • PIN
    Texturing process where the yarn goes around a magnetic spindle (the PIN) that creates a twist which is then fixed by heat.
  • air textured / Taslan
    Texturing process where air streams and high pressure make the filaments in a yarn tangling together - resulting the yarn to be hairier, thus feeling softer and more like a spun yarn.
  • stuffer box texturing
  • belt texturing
  • knit de knit (kdk) texturing
    Texturing process where a yarn is knitted into a fabric which is then heat set and unknitted again - resulting in the yarn to be shaped into loops.

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