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Antibacteria for your laundry. Wellbeing from pure silver.


  • antibacterial (reduces germs and bacteria)
  • inhibits odors (prevents body-odors on worn laundry)
  • bioactive (naturally effective without chemicals, ionizes
  • clothing up to 10 weeks)
  • effective, 160 wash cycles at 0° to 95° Celsius


  • silver ions are continuously released while washing
  • affects the bacteria's metabolism and prevents their reproduction
  • laundry is impregnated with silver ions (no unpleasant body-odor)


Since clothing can be worn longer, it needs to be washed less often. Thus:
  • lower energy and water costs
  • more free time
  • textiles are preserved, their life extended
  • less wash cycles preserve washing machine and extend its
  • durability


Bluemagicball® is now available in blister packing or for sales in bulk only (2'520 pieces per order = 1 pallet or multiples) to:
  • distributors
  • chain stores
  • direct marketing organizations
  • TV sales channels

Often we are asked about silver and environment. Please find here below some relevant information:

The recycling of silver in nature
Have you ever wondered why silver is only recently being used in cleaning towels? Bluemagicball is the first environmentally friendly dosage system for silver ions worldwide. Your laundry voluntarily absorbs minute pieces of silver ions from the water running through the machine. These silver ions perform their task invisibly but very effectively and stop odor bacteria on the laundry.

However, the dosage is essential. An excessive amount of silver ions exhaust every silver depot after only a few washing cycles, thus soluble silver salts cannot be used. The bluemagicball has been adapted to the domestic needs in years of intensive research. It is a complex dosage system with an inbuilt mechanism to avoid too high as well as too low a dosage. But what is so environmentally friendly about this? We only use as many silver ions as necessary for the laundry and traces of silver ions in waste water will be removed by a natural effect in the sewage system. Every sewer pipe contains hydrogen sulphide and this compound combs every silver ion out of the waste water. If you compare the effect with a library of 4000 volumes, only one single letter would remain out of all the letters filling the novels and poetry books.

Nature thus recovers its treasures, as silver is only borrowed by us. Either as gleaming metal or as shiny light salt crystals it unfolds its unique and well sought for qualities, only for being covered by nature with a dull black layer a short while later. The circle closes quietly and unnoticed, as this substance is entirely without any effect on all kinds of bacteria, animals or plants. The silver sulphide retakes its place in nature and silently and inconspicuously keeps waiting for its next appearance as gleaming metal or shiny light salt crystals.
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