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With automatisation, wireless transmission and digitalisation on the rise, communication and sensoring applications experience a transformation. Swicofil is here to provide you with conductive high performance yarn and fibers to meet new market demands.
Yarn and fibers for automatisation, power supply, reflection, RFID, sensoring or stimulation


Swicofil is fully aware of your as well as your customers demands. Smart clothes need to be washable more than 10 times, wearable sensors need to withstand humidity and traction, reflection devices exposed to interference may not lose signals - all this whilst not compromising on performance.
Being Swicofil, we do not only know these needs, we also know which yarn or fiber solutions meet them perfectly. Whatever your problem is, Swicofil is your answer


Communication and sensoring comprises various subtopics - the internet of things is only one. Yarn and fibers are able to meet the requirements of all of them. This can include applications like:
yarn and fiber solutions for automatisation applications   automatisation

yarn and fiber solutions for textile power supply applications   power supply

yarn and fiber solutions for textile reflection applications   reflection
yarn and fiber solutions for RFID applications   RFID

yarn and fiber solutions for sensoring applications   sensoring

yarn and fiber solutions for stimulation applications   stimulation
... just to name a few. There are no boundaries when it comes to using yarn or fibers for communication and sensoring purposes.


Conductivity can be reached via various materials. So are metals like silver or copper for example popular electric conductors in general. Combine these characteristics with those of yarn and fibers (such as fineness, flexibility and strenght), the perfect mean for communication and sensoring is created.

Swicofil is able to provide such yarns. Different metalized materials, various metals, the selection of metalization type as well as the possibility of adaption are within the range to meet your yarn and fiber requirements.
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