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Silver Ag


Swicofil offers silver yarns as follows:

  • SwicoSilver
    SwicoSilver yarns are silver coated yarns by the plasma metal coating process. Plasma silver coated yarns consist of a base yarn (polyester, polyamide or any other filament yarn) and real pure silver as a coating with no additional, underlying layer of glue-like metals, materials or any other substances.
    Conductivity levels can be tailored upon your requirements, are however also available by stock service with abt. 0.5 ohm/cm.

  • chemo galvanically silver coated polyamide 6 or 6.6 mono- and multifilaments
    In different counts, we can provide you a PA 6.6 or PA 6 mono- and multifilament yarn which is coated with pure silver. These products have an excellent conductivity of < 100 ohm.

  • CellSolution bioactive
    Anti-bacterial fibers with silver ions as an active component.

  • Smartcel Silver
    Filament enriched with silver ions is used to prevent the growth of bacteria.


For more information, please consult the according site and contact Swicofil in case of an inquiry.


In case you are looking for metallic yarn (slit aluminium metalized polyester film) in M-type, MH-type, MX-type, MHS-type or ST-type, please click here


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