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Yarn and fibers that are of low creep for longlasting, functional performance.
Creep, or cold flow, refers to the time-dependent deformation of a material under a certain applied load. Furthermore, high temperature and high stress promote strain, thus influencing the deformation. The deformation mainly results in the matieral to increase in length, potentially endangering the performance.

Materials of low creep are thus of importance for application in heat or where high mechanical loads are applied.


Swicofil offers a broad variety of yarn and fibers that are of low creep. It is possible to combine this property with characteristics like:
  • fire proof
  • high impact strength
  • inertness
  • ...

Depending on your end application and amongst others, Swicofil offers products like:
  ... as well as other products . Browse our products or contact us with your project requirements in order to get your perfect yarn or fibers that are of low creep.

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