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Polypropylene PP


The most important property of polypropylene is its versatility. It can be tailored to many fabrication methods and applications. Excellent chemical resistance, the lowest density, highest melting point (in the family of olefin fibers), and moderate cost makes it an important fiber in industrial applications. However, the poor dyeability and texturizability have limited polypropylene's applications in conventional textile industry. With the introduction of fiber denier textured yarn its use in apparel sector is becoming inevitable along with its main outlet in the industrial sector.


When polypropylene was first introduced into the market in 1950s, the product is non-crystallizable, which result in low melting point. With the introduction of isotactic commercial polypropylene a considerable increase in the crystallinity and melting point was achieved. Polypropylene has registered continued worldwide market share growth in recent years and it is predicated that consumption will still grow as polypropylene increasingly are used as substitution for other materials such as glass, metal, and some engineering plastics.



Recycling code 5 for Polypropylene
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