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Para Aramide p-AR


Due to their highly oriented rigid molecular structure, para-aramid fibers have high tenacity, high tensile modulus and high heat resistance. Para-aramid fibers have similar operating temperatures to meta-aramid fibers, but have 3 to 7 times higher strength and modulus, making them ideal for reinforcement and protective type applications.

There are two types of para-oriented aramid fibers:

  • homo-polymer
    such as Kevlar and Twaron
  • co-polymer
    such as Technora


Although para-aramids are high in strength, there is some problem with chemical resistance. Homopolymer para-aramids have relatively weak resistance to strong acids and bases. Kevlar and Twaron, for instance, cannot be bleached with chlorine and are often not approved for food handling in protective gloves. The fine surface structure of Technora copolymer allows it to have much higher chemical resistance. Kevlar has new forms with increased strength and improved properties.

Co-polymer para-aramids have advantages with increased abrasion resistance and steam resistance - useful properties in many protective applications.

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