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Meta Aramide m-AR


Perhaps the best known and most widely used of the aramid fibers (Nomex is familiar to many), meta-aramids are best known for their combination of heat resistance and strength. In addition, meta-aramid fibers do not ignite, melt or drip; a major reason for their success in theFR apparel market.

In comparison to commodity fibers, meta-aramids offer better long-term retention of mechanical properties at elevated temperatures. Meta-aramids have a relatively soft hand and tend to process very similarly to conventional fibers, giving them a wide range of converted products. Meta-aramids are available in a variety of forms, anti-stat, conductive, in blends (with other high performance fibers), etc.

TeijinConex HT high tenacity type meta-aramid has significantly higher tensile strength of other meta-aramids. This high strength allows it to bridge the gap between meta-aramid and para-aramid fiber when strength is the primary concern.

Other popular meta-aramide brands are Nomex or TeinjinConex.

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