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Stainless Steel


Swicofil offers stainless steel in alloy 316 as follows:

  • filament yarn
  • spun yarn
  • sliver
    available in 100% stainless steel or blended with other fibers such as Polyamide.
    Please contact the Swicofil team for more information or in case you are interested in stainless steel slivers.
  • SwicoInox
    Plasma inox coated yarn are yarns that are inox coated by the plasma metal coating process.
    Plasma inox coated yarns consist of a base yarn (polyester, polyamide or any other filament yarn) and real pure 100% inox as a coating with no additional, underlying layer of glue-like metals, materials or any other substances.
    Conductivity levels for inox coated yarn can be tailored upon your requirements as well as requirements regarding the count.

    Plasma inox coated yarn are not readily available in stock, therefore need to be produced upon demand.
Base material: continuous filament yarn (mono and multifilament)
Coating: 100% inox (no other material involved)
Count range: dtex 8 - dtex 550
Twist: no restriction


Please consult the according site and contact Swicofil for more information concerning the requirements of the product you are looking for.

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