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Plasma Metal Coated Yarn



Product line: Plasma Metal Coated Yarns

twist /

 count (dtex)

0 tpm

60 tpm

200 tpm

x 2 high twist

78 f 24


125 f 36


150 f 48



168 f 24





Tenacity values rely on metal. Please contact us for more information about the conductivity values of the yarn of your interest. Please click on the according link below for more information about standard conductivity value of Gold coated or Silver coated yarns.


SwicoGold: www.swicofil.com/commerce/products/1swicogold/216/standard


SwicoSilver HiConwww.swicofil.com/commerce/products/2swicosilver-hicon/217/standard


*: yarn is 80 tpm instead of 60 tpm

✓: has been produced. Depending on metal, yarn is available in stock

Base yarn of all plasma metal coated yarn stocks is PET FDY. Other base materials - such as Nylon, PP, etc. - exclusively upon order.

So far, the following metals have been used for plasma coating yarn:

With plasma metal coating, all metals can be used for yarn coating.
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