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Plasma Metal Coated Yarn


Compared to any other metalized yarn, Plasma Metal Coated yarns convince with the following characteristics:

  • textile touch
    Despite being coated with silver, SwicoSilver yarn feel just like a normal textile yarn and is just as versatile.
  • exceptional adhesion
    The silver coating holds perfectly onto the yarn. Due to the plasma coating production process, the silver is not brittle and will not crumble off the yarn.
  • very regular coating along the yarn
    Ideal for automation applications, where uniform conducitvity is important to keep performance at a steady level and reaction margins extremely narrow.
  • coated with the metal of choice only
    There is no layer of any other metal or adhesive substance underneath like it is with other metalization processes. Yet, Plasma Metal Coated Yarns provide excellent adhesion of the metal on the yarn - much better than traditional methods.  
  • tailored upon your requirements
    Additional to the standard programme, SwicoSilver yarn can also be made with the properties you need. This includes conducitivity values, base yarn material counts or twist. We do everything so that the yarns are easy to process for you.
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