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Stainless Steel


Stainlesss steel filament yarn for applications like:


  • electro static discharge
  • shielding
  • intelligent textiles
  • carpets
  • signal transfer
  • power tranfer
  • thermal conductivity



Stainless steel multifilament yarn is available in a range as follow:

diameter per filament8 μm - 14 μm
number of filaments per yarn90 or 275
resulting available countdtex 1100 up to dtex 28700
Ø specific weight of stainless steelabt. 8.03 g/cm³
twistedyes (between 40tpm - 200tpm)
pliedtrue for high counts
breaking loadstrongly depending on type, between 25 N up to 165 N
conductivity< 4 Ω/m up to 70 Ω/m
put up typeDIN



Stainless steel monoilament yarn is available in a range as follow:

diameter35μm or 50μm
diameter-corresponding countdtex 77 or dtex 155
conductivity735 Ω/m or 355 Ω/m
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