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Polyamide 6.6 PA66


Polyamide 66, being a versatile material, comes in various forms and shapes. Swicofil has access to PA66 products as follows:



Furthermore, Swicofil offers also PA66 products as follows:

  • staple fibers
    from dtex 1.3 up to dtex 17;
    in cutlengths between 38mm - 150mm 
  • flock
    from dtex 1.5 up to dtex 6.7
    in cutlengths of 0.3mm up to 1.5mm
  • tow
  • spun yarns
    from Nm 50/1 up to Nm 20/1;
    blends with stainless steel and other conductive solutions possible
  • POY
    from dtex 8 up to dtex 200
  • flocked yarn
  • Co-polymer nylon fiber for non-woven (bicomponent)
    Du Pont has decided to stop the production of their semidull, heterofil, standard crimp (non-set), ordinary acid dyeable PA6/66 staple fiber 3.3 / 60mm cutlentgh type 3100.
    We are able to help you with an excellent alternative of a high quality product in both dtex 3.3 and dtex 6.7 with a cutlength ot either 51mm or 60mm.
  • further bi-component yarn and fibers with PA66 involved


For more information or if you are looking for a specific blend, please contact Swicofil  concerning the requirements of the product you are looking for.


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