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BICOMPONENT FIBER PA66 (core) & PA6 (sheath)

Thanks to a new and unique fiber spinning process, Swicofil is in a position to offer specially Bi-Co staple fibers. Specifically, it is a new sheath / core Bi-Co fiber with PA6 in the sheath and PA66 in the core.


Using this fiber in non-wovens applications will provide improved fiber entanglement as well as tighter tenacity and reduced fiber shedding.


Bi-co PA66 / PA6 for applications like:

  • non wovens
    as 100% neat fiber or as blends with other synthetic staple fibers
  • yarns
    in blends with other synthetic staple fibers


Bi-co PA66 / PA6 fiber is available as follows:

countdtex 2.2, dtex 3.3, dtex 6.7
cutlength43mm, 51mm, 60mm
fusing temp. (sheath)220°C
fusing temp. (core)260°C
density1.14 g/cm^3
tenacity4.5 cN/tex
Bi-component PA66 / PA6 fiber
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