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Soybean SPF


Soybean Protein Fiber or SPF is a botanic protein fiber and quite a unique active Fiber. Its 16 amino acids are healthy and nutritional to people's skin. Its moisture absorption, ventilation, draping and warmth cover the superior performances of natural fibers and synthetic ones.


SPF has the softness and smoothness of cashmere and comes comes from soybean, a plant massive in sourcing and rich in nutrition. People usually eat soybean but now are able to wear it.  


Soybean protein fiber means softness, comfort and smoothness; it is a feeling like "skin on skin". It is an active fiber and it possesses the superiorities of many natural fibers and synthesized ones.


Soybean protein fibers for your comfort.


Soybean Protein Fiber is an advanced textile fiber. It is made from the Soybean cake after oiling by new bioengineering technology. Firstly, the spherical protein is distilled from the soybean cake and refined. Secondly, under the functioning of auxiliary agent and biological enzyme, the space structure of spherical protein changes, and then protein spinning liquid is confected by adding high polymers, and then thirdly, after the liquid is cooked, the 0.9~3.0dtex fiber is produced by wet spinning, and stabilized by acetalizing, and finally cut into short staples after curling and thermoforming.


Soybean Protein Fiber has not only the superiorities of the natural fibers but also the physical properties of synthetic ones. Soybean protein fiber meets the people's demand  of comfortable and beautiful wearing and also conforms to the trend of easy care. It is the potential material for middle and high class clothing in textile industry.

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