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Soybean SPF


  1. Pure soybean protein fiber fabric
    colour is natural and pure with abundant fluff on the surface without pilling, excellent hand and drape softness.

  2. SPF blended with cashmere fabric
    soybean protein staple fiber has abundant fluffs similar to the feeling of cashmere. Blended with cashmere, soybean protein fiber can process not only the natural softenss and puff feeling of cashmere. The fiber also is soft, inimate to the skin, easy care and best cost/performance balance.

    Suitable ofr cashmere sweater, shawl and coat.

  3. SPF blended with mercerized wool
    Quite similar to the SPF/cashmere blend. However, colour is more abundant and the mercerized effect is better. Shrinkage is less than with cashmere, therefore it is easier to wash and preserve.

    Suitable for wool sweater, interlock underwear and blankets.

  4. SPF blended with silk
    Soybean protein fiber has like silk a wonderful lust and an elegance as well as a good draping. At the same time, the use of SPF minimized silk's inferiorities like easy sweat staining and sticking to wet skin.

    Suitable for printing silk, knitting underwear, sleepwear, shirts and evening dress

  5. SPF blended with combed cotton
    Compared to pure cotton fabrics, it has a softer hand, better moisture absorption and ventilation. Furthermore, the fabric provides better bacteria resistance and more comfort for wearing.

    Suitable for underwear, shirts, infant's wear, towels and beddings.

  6. SPF blended with elastic fiber
    Adding a small portion of elastic fiber makes fabric more elastic and easier for washing and caring. It is quite active and charming.

  7. SPF blended with PET or other synthethic fibers
    The blends raise the properties of comfort, beauty and wrinkling resistance.

    Suitable for spring and summer fashion apparel, underwear, shits and sportwear
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