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Polyimide PI

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Thermosetting polyimides are known for thermal stability, good chemical resistance, excellent mechanical properties, and characteristic orange/yellow color.


Thermoset polyimides exhibit very low creep and high tensile strength. These properties are maintained during continuous use to temperatures of up to 452°C and for short excursions, as high as 704 °C. Polyimides are inherently resistant to flame combustion and do not usually need to be mixed with flame retardants.


Typical polyimide parts are not affected by commonly used solvents and oils — including hydrocarbons, esters, ethers, alcohols and freons. They also resist weak acids but are not recommended for use in environments that contain alkalis or inorganic acids.


density1.41 g/cm^3
continuous use temp.260°
short-term use temp.380°C
glass transition temp.376°C
decomposition temp.560°C
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