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Polyimide PI

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Polyimide materials are lightweight, flexible, resistant to heat and chemicals. Therefore, they are used in the electronics industry for flexible cables, as an insulating film on magnet wire and for medical tubing. 

In coal-fired power plants, waste incinerators or cement plants, polyimide fibres are used to filter hot gases. In this application, a polyimide needle felt separates dust and particulate matter from the exhaust gas.

Polyimide is also the most common material used for the reverse osmotic film in purification of water, or the concentration of dilute materials from water, such as maple syrup production.

Multi-layer insulation used on spacecraft is usually made of polyimide coated with thin layers of aluminum. The gold-like material often seen on the outside of spacecraft is actually single aluminized polyimide, with the single layer of aluminum facing in. The yellowish-brown polyimide gives the surface its gold-like color. 



Polyimide PI is typically applied as follows:

  • aerospace
    jet engines and compressor parts, seals, impellers for aircraft, aircraft engines (sandwich constructions with titanium alloys), insulation of the spacecraft and the astronauts space suits against radiation, heat or cold exposure, radomes
  • electrical and electronics industry
    insulating, electronic connectors, bobbins, wire and cable jacketing, the base material for printed circuit boards
  • automotive and machinery industry
    piston rings, valve seats, wheels, bearings, sliding and guiding elements, pads, carburetor body
  • other
    fibers for refractory protective suits
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