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Phenol Aldehyde PF


Phenol aldehyde yarn and fibers have the following properties:


  • flame retardant
    Phenol aldehyde yarn and fibers have a LOI of 34%
  • thermal insulators
  • ​​​​​​chemical resistant
    Phenol aldehyde yarn and fibers are attacked by concentrated or hot sulfuric and nitric acids and strong bases, but are virtually unaffected by non-oxidizing acids, including hydrofluoric and phosphoric acids; dilute bases; and organic solvents
  • minimal smoke emission
    Whereas practically no toxic off-gassing in flame occurs. The products of combustion are principally water vapor, carbon dioxide, and carbon char. Moderate amounts of carbon monoxide may be produced if the supply of oxygen is limited; but the HCN, HCl, bromine- and phosphorus-containing compounds, and other toxic by-products of combustion of many other inherently flame-resistant and FR-treated organic fibers are not produced. The toxicity of the combustion products is thus very low or negligible. Moreover, since the fiber chars without melting and produces few volatiles, smoke emission is also minimal, less than that of virtually any other organic fiber.
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