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Phenol Aldehyde PF


Phenol aldehyde can be processed into all kind of textiles such as felts, other nonwovens, yarns, fabrics etc. PF is mainly used for people and for objects as insulation against flames, heat, cold, chemicals, electricity and noise. Please see the following list of the main applications:

  • asbestos replacement
    Protective curtains against flame, radiant heat and metal splashes; insulation of roofs and walls; fire protection cloths and barriers for welders and others.
  • flame resistant safety products
    Interior of aircrafts, motorcars, ships, ferries, submarines, hotels, discos, airports, hospitals, for seats, carpeting, drapes, smoke barriers etc. Linings in gloves, racing car drivers' and pilots' jackets, in firemen's and other rescue coats or suits and boots; escape hoods for airline and hotel visitors etc.
  • chemical resistant products
    Packings for stuffing boxes, garments, gloves, as reinforcement for phenolic resin, in composites, walls and flexible tanks, also for waste water applications.
  • reinforcement
    Reinforcement in composites, e.g. in brake pads and brake linings; gaskets, joints, clutch facings.
  • other industrial uses
    Thermal insulation of refrigerators, cold-storage depots, air conditioners, and for military vehicles, brake bands, laser safety curtains, thermal insulation in shoe soles.
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