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Fine Wire

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Fine wires are everyhwere around us but rarely noticed. This is due to the fact that they generally are hidden, for example in cabling for the internet, in medical applications of the aircraft industry where they provide security, serve as a conductor or enable the observation of certain values. 


Fine wires are however not all the same. They exist in various metals, different counts and with the option to coat them with a specific material. 


The textile wire can be used directly in weaving, knitting, braiding doubling and spinning as well as already processed in yarns. The possible variations of fabrics by combining colours, diameters and metals with traditional textile materials allow you fantastic and innovative applications.


In today's world people are increasingly concerned about the effects of electro-smog. Fabrics containing our textile wires offer an excellent protection against electromagnetic radiation. With these fine wires high tech solutions in the product design and product performance can be achieved.

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