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Textile wire can be used directly in weaving, knitting, braiding doubling and spinning as well as already processed in yarns. The possible variations of fabrics by combining colours, diameters and metals with traditional textile materials allow you fantastic and innovative applications.

In today's world people are increasingly concerned about the effects of electro-smog. Fabrics containing our textile wires offer an excellent protection against electromagnetic radiation. With these fine wires high tech solutions in the product design and product performance can be achieved.


  • lining fabrics
    for pockets and jackets (for patients with pacemakers)
  • apparel
    underwear as well as men and women's clothing such as shirts, jackets or blouses
  • tenting / awning
    protection of measuring instruments and sensitive field instruments as well as awning for house roofs and house facades
  • curtain material
  • fabric for data transfer
    For example by narrow ribbon in anoraks for mountain climbers that check pulse and heart. Furthermore, in case of an emergency, the nearest first aid station would be activated and the location of the victim would be transmitted by GPS.
  • fabrics for ESD application




In terms of fashion application, fine wires offer brilliant perspectives to fashion designers. If you are looking for new, surprising fabric variations, textile wires offer unlimited creativity in the world of fashion such as fabric creations with metal or creasing effects. We look forward to supporting you with our experience for your innovations. The strength of our fine metal wires is that our manufacturing partner is the world leader in coated fine wires as well as in colored fine wires.


Fine wire can be used in weaving, knitting, braiding, doubling and spinning as well as processed in yarns:

  • spun yarn twisted
  • twist filament yarn
  • airtextured
  • twist filament textured
  • textured yarn twisted
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