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Chlorofibers CLF

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CLF "flame retardant" is a synthetic fiber which gives real protection against the danger of fire. This fire behavior is inherent and permanent. CLF "flame retardant" fiber conforms to all the international firefighting standards in force.

The hydrophobic nature of the fiber gives a dirt and mildew resistance. Its resistance to abrasion endows it with longer useful life than natural fibers.

Moreover, CLF "flame retardant" fiber has acoustic insulation properties. Thanks to their perfect dimensional stability, the products made with this fiber are machine washable, can be tumble-dried or dry cleaned. They do not need ironing.


Whether used pure or in blends, the CLF "flame retardant" fibers retains all its characteristics and can be made into all sorts of fabrics: cords, prints, jacquards, damasks, plain, embossed, crinkled velvets. The non-flammable nature of the fiber makes it ideal for wall coverings, hangings, curtains, upholstered furniture‚Ķ

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