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In daily life at home, office or at production site, static electricity causes various hazards to deteriorate the quality of life or production. In day to day personal life environment and industrial environment, hazards such as explosion, adhesion of lint to the products will cause deteriorated production yield and damage to quality of products. Kuraray Co., Ltd developed Clacarbo, carbon impregnated polyester yarn and has continued to improve the technology for over 30 years.

Clacarbo has unique cross section impregnated with electro conductive carbon powder or white metal oxide to conjugate the polymer. High performance as well as outstanding durability conductive fiber contribute to the elimination of static electricity from the environment.



Clacarbo conductive yarns and fibers offer solutions for electrostatic problems


Prevents static electricity charge. Static electricity elimination materials for safety and comfort in working environment.



Hazardous accidents may occur in any production site. Electro static charge build-up is one of such causes of hazardous accidents in many industries. For example: explosion ignited by discharge, deteriorated productivity, inferior quality by malfunctioning of system, contamination and etc.


Why Clacarbo?

Clacarbo is available in many different cross sections to comply with a wide application field.



Surface conductive type:

Clacarbo type KC782R B20T4 and KC792R B22T4 suitable for specifically low conductivity.

  Sustainable for gaining specifically low resistivity.
Core conductive type:

Clacarbo core conductive types KC300 G28T2, KC220 W28T2 and KC400 C22T2 where carbon is impregnated in the core part of the fiber

  Carbon impregnated in core part of fiber. No fall of carbon and presents high tenacity.
Quadrangular exposed type:

Clacarbo type KC500R B22T4 and KC582R B22T4 quadrangular exposed type

  Quadrangular exposed type will offer the well balanced property of low resistivity and high tenacity.



Clacarbo black polyester fiber type KC585S

Clacarbo black polyester fiber type KC585S

Clacarbo black polyamide fiber type KC575S

Clacarbo black polyamide fiber type KC575S

Clacarbo white polyamide fiber type KC375S (conductive layer with metal oxide)

Clacarbo white polyamide fiber type KC375S
(conductive layer with metal oxide)


All fibers are available exclusively in dtex 3.3 / cutlength 51mm - 76mm.



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