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Kanebo Belltron is a high performance, excellent conductive fiber developed from Kanebo conjugate technology.

Blending just a small amount of Belltron will prevent static problems like:

  • static shocks you experience when walking on carpets and touching door knobs, or getting out of cars,
  • clinging of clothing to your body, and
  • attracting of dust and soil.
Cross section view of Belltron conductive yarn and fiber from Kanebo with Swicofil


Wool sample without Belltron Wool sample without Belltron
(frictional static charge attracts dust)
Wool sample with 1% Belltron

Wool sample with 1% Belltron



Features of Belltron


  1. Offers Sufficient Static Control Capability by Blending a small Amount of Belltron
    All blending methods are possible--blending at mixing, spinning, doubling, knitting and weaving stages.
  2. Possesses Excellent Static Control Capacity
    The static control properties are very stable and permanent.
  3. High Resistance to Washing, Flexing and Abrasion
    unlike carbon-coated fibers, no carbon particles will come off Belltron By rubbing. Also unlike metal and carbon fibers, Belltron will neither break off, nor damage any surface it comes in contact with.
  4. Available in Three Colors--Black, Gray and White
    Some uses permit care-free application of Belltron to lighter shades.
  5. Available in Nylon and Polyester Base Polymers
    Belltron comes in various types for your diverse needs - durability, resistance to chemicals and gamma rays and high resiliency


Belltron is a high performance conductive bicomponent fiber born out of Kanebo's conjugate fiber spinning technology. Blending a small amount of Belltron with other fibers will make the resultant fabric sufficiently antistatic.

Belltron does not depend on the ambient humidity for bringing about its antistatic effect. It has consistent antistatic properties even in absolutely dry conditions.

It can be blended with other fibers in the pre-spinning stage. It can also be mixed with other yarns at doubling, knitting and weaving stages.


Kanebo is the pioneer in the production of conductive fibers in Japan. Belltron has enjoyed a solid record of achievement in sales for the last 22 years since Kanebo started selling it in 1978.

Belltron is composed of a matrix polymer and a conductive layer. The layer contains densely embedded carbon black or white metal compound as conductive particles.


Advantages over other materials

  1. Conductive layer extends across the fiber and is continuous along the direction of the fiber axis. Both edges of the conductive carbon-containing portion are exposed to the outer surface of the fiber. This unique structure ensures static charge conduction and dissipation as well as self-charging. As a result, Belltron has outstanding antistatic properties.
  2. Nylon and polyester type Belltron is available in filaments and staple fibers. Belltron's conductive portion comes in carbon black and gray colors. White type Belltron uses white metal compound as conductive particles. This variety helps Belltron find various new uses.
  3. As to Belltron brushes for cleaning automated office equipment, Kanebo is ready to supply static-free ones to meet your requirements.




Specification of Kanebo Belltron yarn with carbon or white metal


Most yarns are available between dtex 20 - dtex 22.

Swicofil is also in a position to offer mixed yarns of Polyester multifilament yarn with intermingled Belltron components. In this way it is possible to strengthen the yarn for easy weaving - possible for warp and for weft - to suit your requirements and to ensure an excellent runability of the yarn. 

Please note that all these yarns are never produced on stock - only on specific demand. Minimum order is 100 bobbins = abt. 120 kgs. 
For more details please contact us with the inquiry form. 


End Uses

Work clothes, dust-free garments, school uniforms, dress suits, sweaters, carpets, upholsteries, car seats, blankets, curtains and static-free brushes for cleaning office equipment.


Care instructions

Susceptible to causticization, Belltron may result in decreased antistatic properties when 

  1. it is causticized by caustic soda in high concentration,
  2. it is repeatedly causticized by caustic soda in low concentration and
  3. it is de-colored in caustic soda solutions.


Nylon Belltron is less heat resistant than polyester Belltron, so it may dissolve when exposed to high temperatures at thermosol dyeing.
Dissolvable in strong acids, nylon Belltron should not be treated in strong acid solutions. If an old chloric organic solvent is used repeatedly at a laundry shop, the chlorine is set free and reacts with the water to form hydrochloric acid. The acid may dissolve Belltron.
White Belltron may decrease its antistatic properties when passed between highly heated calander rollers.

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