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Apocynum fiber has a better character than linen or ramie. It shows a distinct silky shine, the stiffness of flax, the softness of cotton. It contains cardio tonic glycoside and many kinds of amino-acids which perform medical care effects which other raw materials of textiles so not have. Therefore apocynum is called "The king of natures wild fibers". Texiles made of apocynum not only wear comfortably, but also have health care effect. Furthermore, Apocynum is said to contain anti-bacterial properties.


Strong, long lasting ropes and fine fishing line could be made from it and nets from the fiber held up well in water. The American Indians produced many useful items from the fiber such as pouches and bags, quilts and clothing. Europeans observed native women making thread from the plant with no other equipment than their hands and thighs which they used to roll the fibers into threads. The fibers have been found in archeological sites thousands of years old

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