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Indian Hemp (Apocynum cannabinum) is also known as Dogbane. The common name, Dogbane, refers to the plant's toxic nature, which has been described as "poisonous to dogs." Apocynum means "Away dog!" and cannabinum means "like hemp," in reference to the strong cordage that was made by weaving together the stem's long fibers.


Plant Type: This is a herbaceous plant, it is a perennial which can reach 1- 4 meters of height. Stems red and branched emerge from a spreading root.

Leaves: The leaf arrangement is opposite. Each leaf is entire and spreading or ascending. The lower leaves have stems while the upper leaves may not.

Flowers: The flowers have 5 Regular Parts and are up to 0.5 cm long. They are greenish white. Blooms first appear in late spring and continue into late summer.


Apocynum is a natural herbaceous old root, belonging to peach department, resistance to converse, drought, to salt and soda, resistance to wind and sand. Apocynum divides into red apocynum and white apocynum, it's leaf stick and root can be used to drugs. According to "compendium of moeteriu medica" and "Morterial Medica for Famines" said, apocynum has an effect on stopping palpitation, relieving a dazziness, reducing phlegm, relieving a cough, strengthening heart and helping passing water. From medical and health care, the entire body of apocynum is a treasure. It is also an excellent kind of raw material for the industry.

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