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Modern spinning partner for PP continuous filament yarns in flat, high tenacity or airtextured taslanized.
Essegomma is a young and dynamic company. With its production of abt. 500 tons, the company is one of the largest producers in the world of polypropylene multifilament yarn. Furthermore, they are one of the only who produce HDPE multilfilaments.

Founded in 1983, Essegomma has earned the respect of its customers thank to investements made in improving the production technologies. Essegomma yarn is used in very demanding fields, where other yarns cannot be used.
The application areas cover a wide range. Among the most important ones are technical fabrics, furnishing fabrics, contract and flame retardant fabrics, hosiery (knitted fabrics), chenille, filters, trimmings, mattress ticking, ropes, nets and ribbons.

Essegomma can satisfy all types of demand - high quality, perfect service, outstanding flexibility and an high degree of specialization are their attributes whilst always improving themself - not last thanks to the professional qualities of Essegomma's staff.

Essegomma - your quality source for polypropylene filament yarns
Spinning plant of Essegomma - your quality source for polypropylene filament yarns
twisting department of Essegomma polypropylene filament yarns
Essegomma produces polypropylene and high density polyethylene multifilament yarns in various cross-sections, flat, intermingled and texturized. The yarns are manufactured to consistently reproduce required properties of all kinds. All bobbins must pass a visual check made by specizalized people. Therefore, the quality of Essegomma is easily identified:

  • wide count range (dtex 110 - dtex 3300)
  • customer tailored twisting department which allows flexibility in the number (t/m), twist direction (S or Z) as well as the possibility to heat set
  • variety of approximately 250 colors in the standard shade. Any other customer colours can be produced upon request
  • UV stabilization available in various degrees 
  • quality control is constant, both for the product as well as the continous production process (24h)

All these characteristics make Essegomma yarns to the modern polypropylene yarn they are. This includes an excellent brightness/softness, the resistance to mould and fungus, a high resistance to abrasion combined with a good tenacity, a very low moisture absorption, a washing fastness as well as the capability of being completely recycled.



Swicofil in collaboration with Essegomma is the first company in the world to offer excellent quality HDPE multifilament yarns!

HDPE has one of the lowest melting points, is inert to alkali as well as acid conditions and has a specific weight of below 1γ. Ideal for application where thermal bonding is required.

HDPE multifilament yarn in black
HDPE multilfilament yarn in white


Additional to the HDPE multifilament yarn, Essegomma is also producer of polypropylene yarn in flat, taslanized, hollow filaments or friction textured for example. The best testimonials are all our customers who recognize Essegomma's prestigious role in the polypropylene sector.

Essegomma friction single heater textured polypropylene yarn for warp and weft - your quality source

The polypropylene yarn from Essegomma has a specific gravity lower than the other textile fibers and it is the only one which floats. Thus, it offers great economic advantages during weaving.

It is UV stabilized, antibacterial, nontoxic and has a good colour fastness. All Essegomma manufacturing plants are equipped with unique technologies and characteristics. The production processes are controlled by software to monitor thequality constantly. The whole production process is continuous (24 hours) thus improving the quality standard of the final product.


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