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Conductive Shieldex fabrics in woven and non-woven varieties. They range from silver coated, nickel-copper coated or tin-copper coated. They are available in plain or rip-stop weave - Shieldex fabrics are unique in their quality. Excellence in production is guaranteed.



Shieldex fabrics are available as follows:

compositionknits, wovens or non wovens
fabric width90cm - 145cm
fabric weight20 g/m² - 260 g/m²
base materialmostly Nylons, some fabric types are blended however (with e.g. silk or elasthane)
metalliized withsilver, zinc, copper or nickel
surface resistivitystrongly depending on type, possible < 0.01 ohm/square
Conductive silver / copper Shieldex fabrics such as Shieldex Balingen, Shieldex Basel, Shieldex Berlin, Shieldex Bern, Shieldex Bilbao, Shieldex Bonn, Shieldex Bremen, Shieldex Budapest, Shieldex Kassel, Shieldex Kiel, Shieldex Köln, Shieldex Medtex, Shieldex Modal Knit, Shieldex Nanking, Shieldex Nice, Shieldex Nora, Shieldtex Supertex, Shieldex Techniktex
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