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Retroreflective Yarn


Retroreflective yarn FDY is also available in colours, both in unsupported as well as supported (2 x 20) versions. Available colour choices are hereby:

  • white
    White yarn for a shimmery effect
  • black
    Black retroreflective yarn for when you need a darker reflection
  • multicolour
    Yarn is differently colour along the yarn
  • rainbow
    Yarn that has either a violett or a petrol appearance, depending on the light exposure.


The different colour appear different depending on the light situations. The below picture illustrates this:

These yarns are available as supported (2 x 20) or unsupported as follows:

  • supported
    Nm 13/1 (width 0.25 mm), Nm 9/1 (width 0.37mm) , Nm 7/1 (width 0.50 mm), all in thickness of 150 micron
  • unsupported
    for thickness 150 microns: Nm 14/1 (width 0.25 mm), Nm 10/1 (width 0.37 mm) , Nm 7/1 (width 0.50 mm)

    for thickness 200 microns: Nm 2/1 (width 1.0 mm), Nm 1.4/1 (width 1.5 mm), Nm 1/1 (width 2.0 mm)


Bobbin put up weight is between 0.300 and 0.400 kg.

For material not in stock, the minimum order quantity is 10 kgs.

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