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Polyester PET (recycled)

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An increasing number of people are nowadays convinced that a basic aspect of any product put on the market is the evaluation of its environmental impact during its whole life cycle.


For many years the thought on the environmental defense prevailed.  Nowadays, the evolution of the individual consciousness and the increasing attention to life quality have made us aware of how the indiscriminate exploitation of the natural resources is a harmful and dangerous approach for the environment preservation. It is increasingly clear that our choices can make a difference!


recycled Polyester PET yarn to help preserve the environment


New evidence of the global warming along with the loss of natural resources and the large scale effects of the environmental damages is on our mind. The increase of rubbish and how to organize waste disposal are more and more a real problem - which is where recycling comes in.


PET is used to produce packages, bottles for water and drinks, packages for detergents, pharmaceutical products, etc. After the use, the PET containers either are thrown away by the consumers and become waste, contributing to make those heaps of rubbish that besiege our cities. Or then, the old PET is being collected and recycled. 

The recycling process looks like the following:

  1. the collected PET is sterilized and dried
  2. afterwards, the PET gets crushed into small chips
  3. these chips are then being used like first grade virgin Polyester pallets - they pass through the synthetic type yarn spinning (melting - pressed through a spinneret - yarn being wound on yarn carrier).


Recycled Polyester has basically the same chemical structure like first grade virigin Polyester, however with a significant difference: recycled Polyester uses PET as raw material whereas PET originated from ethylene glycol and dimethyl terephtalic acid.

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