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Polyvinylidene Chloride PVDC


  • superior chemical resistance 
    PVDC yarn is resistant to acids and alkalis, and is insoluble in oils and most organic solvents, making it suitable for use in applications involving exposure to chemicals. (Note that it is soluble in some solvents such as tetrahydrofuran and cyclohexanone.) 
  • extremely low moisture regain 
    With a moisture regain of less than 0.1%, its physical properties are almost completely unaffected by absorbed water. This makes PVDC yarn well-suited for use underwater, outdoors exposed to rain, and even in demanding fields such as wastewater treatment and undersea applications.
  • freedom from mold, bacteria damage
    PVDC yarn is nearly impervious to mold, bacteria, and insects, so its properties are not degraded in highly humid environments or mud. PVDC yarn is often used underground and in contact with sludge. 
  • high elastic recovery
    With an elastic recovery of approximately 95% (from 3% elongation), PVDC yarn resists wrinkling and creasing. 
  • fast color and excellent gloss
    Because pigment is added before fiber spinning, PVDC yarn displays vivid color with excellent colorfastness, retaining its translucence and luster even with exposure to sunlight and weather. Its high permeability to light enables use in applications where light transmission is required.
  • flame retardancy
    PVDC yarn is inherently self-extinguishing, making the addition of flame-retardants unnecessary. This means consistent, uniform flame-retardant properties, free from variations which occur during flame-retardant compounding. PVDC yarn plays an important role in applications requiring high flame-retardant properties.


tensile strengthup to 20 cN/tex
tensile elongationup to 30%
knot strengthup to 14.3 cN/tex
young's modulus1.18 GPa - 1.77 GPa
elastic recovery> 95% at 3% elongation
refractive indexnD20 = 1.61
specific gravity1.7 g/cm^3
moisture regain< 0.1%
softening point145°C - 165°C
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