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Polyphenylene Sulfide PPS

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Polyphenylene Sulfide PPS has the following characteristics:


  • strong
    Mechanical strength is exceedingly high, with flexural strength in particular exhibiting a high value, excellent elastic recovery is also possessed.
  • tough
    PPS possesses high toughness, while high values are also exhibited for compression and shear characteristics.
  • enduring
    PPS possesses superior creep characteristics even under high temperatures and loads. In addition, possesses superior fatigue resistance to repetitive stresses.
  • suitable for electronic applications
    PPS can withstand immersion in 260°C solder bath for 10 seconds, making the resin more than able to cope with electronic component surface mount technologies.
  • pure
    Ionic impurities are low, and application is possible in fields where strict electrical properties are demanded.
  • excellent for insulation 
    Little change in volume resistivity is shown over time, and there is almost no change in dielectric constant due to frequency or temperature. These characteristics make it an excellent insulative material.
  • diverse
    Weld strength is high, and superior secondary processability (screws, insertion, etc.) is exhibited.
tenacity30 cN/tex - 40 cN/tex
elongation32% - 49%
operating temperature (max)260°C
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