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Polyaniline PANI


Polyaniline PANI is an intrinsically conductive polymer. The discovery of electrically conductive polymer compositions based on polyaniline provides conductive materials, which are soluble in selected organic solvents. These materials are which are melt processable and exhibit good ambient stability characteristics.

The major target of conductive polymer technology development has been to combine the electrical and optical properties of these new materials with the mechanical and processability properties of commodity bulk polymers. New conductive materials that offer significant application potential as substitutes, and new products having properties difficult or impossible to achieve by existing materials, can now be produced.

Some polyaniline based materials are solution and melt processable. They offer clear benefits over traditional plastics made conductive by the addition of fillers (carbon blacks, metal particles and flakes, metal fibres, carbon fibres, and others). They provide precisely controlled electrical conductivity over a wide range, improve phase compatibility and thus blendability with bulk polymers, provide easier means of processing and forming conductive products and provide low cost solutions for the production of transparent and coloured thin films and coatings.

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