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PEEK has a high tensile and flexural strength, high impact strength and a high fatigue limit. High heat distortion temperature, high chemical resistance and high radiation resistance are also included in the remit of PEEK. Furthermore, PEEK provides good electrical properties, good slip and wear characteristics as well as low flammability.


Specific gravity1.31
Melting point334°C
Max. working temperature315°C
Flame rating (UL94)V0
Water absorption, %24h0.150
Tensile strength (Psi)13'000 - 14'000
Tensile elongation (%)150.000
Dielectric strength (V/Mi)400
Dielectric constant (@ 1MC dry)3.40
Dissipation Factor (@ 1 MC dry)0.004
Arc resistance (sec)40
Volume resistivity (ohm-cm)10E##16.0
Heat deflection temp. 264 psi340°C
Thermal expansion (ln/ln/F) x E-53.000
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