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Polybenzimidazole PBI is a high performance polymer formed by aromatic polyamides. It is very resistant against various impacts suchs as ketones, alcohols, fats and radiation. Furthermore, PBI has a good thermal stability whereas PBI has no melting point and does not drip. In addition, the decomposition temperature is very high.

These properties plus its good mositure regain make PBI to a popular fiber when it comes to applications such high temperature protection like fire fighter gear, filtration, or astronaut space suits.

Its physical properties are relatively low, but PBI is processed on most types of textile equipment. It blends well with other materials such as carbon and aramid fibers and is most often done for performance reasons as well as cost. PBI has had significant success in the fireman's apparel market where, blended in a 60/40 para-aramid/PBI mixture, it has become the standard "premium" material. PBI's characteristic gold color blends well with other materials for a pleasing appearance. 

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