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Liquid Crystal Polymer LCP


LCP fibers are used in a variety of ways:



LCP is solving performance problems in critical marine, military, and industrial rope and cable applications. High strength with no creep allows manufacture of high performance ropes that are stable to extended loads. Superior abrasion resistance, excellent moisture resistance, and exceptional property retention over broad ranges of temperature and chemical environments, provide solutions to industrial wear and degradation problems experienced with existing fiber products. LCP is an outstanding candidate for replacement of steel and stainless steel constructions. Archers have benefited from bow strings made with LCP fiber. OFferings



LCP is an excellent candidate for printed circuit boards, fiber optic strength members and conductor reinforcements. High dielectric strength couples with elevated temperature resistance and outstanding moisture resistance provide new level of electrical efficiency in prevention of current leakage. This combination along with excellent dimensional stability and low CTE provide a unique fiber for specialized electronic uses.



LCP fibers are an excellent option for recreation and leisure products such as:

  • water sports
    in sailcloth, reinforced hulls, fishing poles and lines
  • winter sports
    skis, snowboards
  • other sports
    bicycle forks, golf clubs, tennis racquets and paragliders

Performance is critical in many speciality sporting goods applications. Of particular importance are the unique vibration damping characteristics of Vectran fibers combines with high strength, minimal moisture absorption and excellent resistance to various impacts



The unique properties of LCP meet many of the military and aerospace needs of today. LCP for example was used for a cushion in regard of the Mars landing. Furthermore, to its lightweight and stable property, LCP provides superior load handling characteristics for tow ropes, cargo tie-downs and inflatables.



LCP is available in a range of counts for textile and composite processing and offers new option in design and material selection. LCP offers benefits for applications requiring high strength, vibration damping, low moisture absorption and low CTE. LCP is a high modulus thermoplastic matrix fiber for applications requiring high impermeability, excellent property retention over a borad temperature range and low moisture absoption.



LCP fiber brings unique solutions to industrial applications. Stability to most chemicals allows the manufacture of chemically resistant packings and gaskets. Users of protective apparel such as gloves and workwear benefit from excellent cut and stab resistance, elevated temperature resistance, outstanding flex/fold resistance and durability to multiple wash/dry cycles even in the presence of bleach.

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