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Crabyon is realized with a blend of chitosan and viscose. Chitosan is a product derived from chitin, a compound of natural origin obtained from the shell of crab and shellfish. Chitin is an absolutely safe material, with a scientifically proven biocompatibility. Furthermore, chitin is used in the medical, health an pharmacological fields.

Due to the very similar structure of chitosan (chitin) to cellulose, Crabyon provides a very high textile easiness for manufacturing, an excellent dye ability with reactive and direct stuff as well as a very soft "hand". Furthermore, Crabyon also stands for inhibition of bacteria's growth, high level of comfort, anallergicity and high humidity absorption.



Additional to Crabyon, there are other techniques to implement chitosan (chitin) into fibers:

  • after treatment type
    Chitosan (chitin) is fixed on the fabric with binder. Due to low fixation ability of the binder, the amount of chitosan (chitin) reduces as fabric is washed, leading to a lesser performance.
  • mixed type (compare Fig. 1)
    Chitosan (chitin) power is mixed with cellulose viscose. The more the phsysical properties of the fiber weakens during washing/wearing, the higher the percentage of powder becomes. Therefore, there is a limit of amount of chitosan (chitin) poweder that can be mixed into.

Crabyon (compare Fig. 2) is produced with neither technique but rather with a new, patented one. The process combines chitosan (chitin) and cellulose so uniformly that performance can not be washed out. Furthermore, the full properties of chitosan (chitin) are embedded into the viscose without weaking the fiber, therefore keeping values like a viscose fiber, such as tenacity for example.

Comparison of normal chitosan yarn and Crabyon
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