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Worsted yarn from ZKS.
ZKS is a leading German center of excellence for the development and production of innovative yarn. ZKS specializes in high end, complex and innovative yarn solutions in the technical yarn and fashion sectros, according to your specific requirements.

Founded in 1835, with 280 employees at the sites in Wilkau-Hasslau (GER) and Miletin (CZR), ZKS achieves revenues of € 35 milions annually.

ZKS Zwickauer Kammgarn GmbH is a part of the Peppermint Group, Berlin.

Worsted yarn from ZKS
The spinning technologies include Siro, Siro stretch, Siro compact, single yarns, DD thread as well as compact yarns, core- and core-stretch yarns for refinement in the range of Nm 15 to Nm 120.

ZKW works with a variety of fibers such as: wool, polyester, polyamide, aramide, viscose, lenzing FR, modacrylic, acrylic, silk, mohair, chasmere, antistatic fibers and many more.

In addition to long staple yarn, ZKS also produces minimum staple yarns for the security section. 
speciality yarns from Zwickauer Kammgarn ZKS

ZKS offers yarn in off-white, top dyed and cheese dyed.

ZKS is able to dye the yarn solution according to your wished with the fully automated horizontal dyeing factilities. ZKS furthermore meets international standards in quality control and environment protection. Also, ZKS have been certified by TÜV (technical board control) Rheinland Group as meeting ISO 9001:2008.

Upon client's request, ZKS can also process yarns with the quality labels Eco-Tex Standard 100, European Eco-label IVN / G.O.T.S and bioRe.

Worsted yarn for fashion from ZKS Zwickauer Kammgarn
ZKS is specialists in yarns that meet the hightest technical requirements of public procurement bodies, industrial safety standards as well as the fire department etc. ZKS is supported in this by the close corporation with fiber distributors and well-known research and test facilities.

Together with the fiber partners, ZKS develops individual long and medium staple yarns. In this way, ZKS is able to achieve quality and comfort with the necessary functionality and technical parameter.

ZKS is proud of their coproration in the area of development with the companies Kermel and Lenzing. 

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