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Silver coated nylon yarns, monofilaments, flock and fibers.
Statex® Production and Manufacturing Company, based in Germany, specializes in metallizing nylon yarns and fabrics with 99% pure silver. Statex also plates with silver/copper, silver/copper/nickel and silver/copper/tin based on application needs.

Statex Shieldex silver coated nylon polyamide yarns, flock and fibers
Statex Shieldex products are used for the following:
  • medical
    For DTL-electrodes, Statex silver-coated yarn is suitable to record retinal potentials from the cornea. 
  • EMI/RFI shielding
    Silver provides excellent conductivity that yields both Electromagnetic Shielding (EMI shielding) and Radio Frequency Shielding (RFI) shielding. Applications using Statex fabrics, fibers and yarn include fabric-over-foam gaskets, cable shielding, conductive tapes, filters, flexible shielded enclosures and packing material. 
  • anti-static
    Statex plated fibers, yarns and fabrics allow for static discharge when incorporated into antistatic carpet systems, clothing as well as clean room and medical clinic environments.
  • radar and infra red
    When used in products manufactured to military standards, Statex fabrics prevent detection by infrared and radar. Application include protection clothing, tents, radar reflection and radiating antenna.


Silver plated polyamide yarns can be used just like non-coated yarns for twisting, warp- and weft-knitting, embroidering, weaving and spinning.

They are used among many other things as a conductor in sensors, for the manufacture of clothing and home textiles as well as smart textiles. Shieldex ® silver yarns are available as monofilament, multifilament and twisted yarns.

Statex Shieldex yarns are available in a range of dtex 22 up to dtex 235.

Statex Shieldex yarn



Everywhere where tear-resistant yarns are particularly needed, silver-coated Shieldex® Twisted Yarns may be well used. They are used by customers among others in the Smart Textiles sector.

Also the automotive industry benefits in a variety of ways from the anti-static and electrically conductive qualities of our twines.

Statex Shieldex twisted yarns are optionally available with a TPU coating and in a count range of dtex 110 x 2 up to dtex 235 x 4.

Statex Shieldex twisted yarns



Silver coated nylon for permanent anti-static performance in carpets, non wovens, felts, woven and knitted fabrics. 

Shieldex fibers can be mixed wit all natural and synthetic fibers by means of twisting, intimate spinning mixes and non-wovens.

Statex Shieldex fibers are available in a count range of dtex 1.5 / 40 mm cutlength up to dtex 22 / 120 mm cutlength.

Statex Shieldex fibers



Shieldex plated fabrics are available in knitted, woven and non-woven varities. They range fromsilver, nickel-copper to tin-copper. They are available in plain or rip-stop weave.

Shieldex plated fabrics are unique in their plated quality. Excellence in production is guaranteed.

Statex Shieldex fabrics are available in many different widths, surface conductivities and grammages.

Statex Shieldex fabrics in woven, knitted and nonwoven



Shieldex Ultra Flex Tapes are both flexible and tear resistant. Manucfactured from non-woven polyamide continuous filaments that are metalized with copper and tin, Ultra Flex Tape has extremly high conductivty as well as durable corrosion portection.

A conductive adhesive on the bottom bonds the tape to the substrate. An optional masking layer can protect the tape during painting and spraying operations.
Shieldex Ultra-Flex tapes deliver:
  • flexibility and durability
  • high conductivity & shielding effectiveness
  • abrasion resistance
  • very good peel strength from conductive adhesive system
  • manufacturing safety; no more cut fingers from razor-sharp foil edged tapes

Statex Shieldex Ultra Flex Tape


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