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EMI protection and conductivity solution.
The exclusive speciality yarn & fabrics produced by Spoerry 1866 are all characteristed by their outstanding properties and represent top Swiss quality, backed up by many years of experience and systematic quality control of all steps in the production process. 

Spoerry 1886 is now in its fifth generation. Carefully selected raw materials and technologically innovative spinning processes form the basis of their high-quality yarns. Furthermore, thanks to state-of-the-art manufacturing technology, the most varied and product-specific customer requirements can be factored in. Their possible applications are many and varied. 

Historic view of Spoerry 1866 plant
The name Swiss Shield® stands for globally unique and patented high-tech yarns with extraordinary properties. Swiss Shield® yarns that are turned into fabrics ensure an efficient shielding from electromagnet fields.

Their degree of shielding, which can be modulated according to the type of application, ranges to over 80 dB.
Swiss Shield® is impressive, but not just from its scientifically proven effectiveness. The fabric also meets the most exacting aesthetic standards and is noted for its lightness, elegant sheen and soft, velvety touch.

Swiss Shield® yarn is manufactured in various forms for home textiles, garments, industrial and military applications.



After many years of reasearch, Swiss Shield in cooperation with engineers, medics and electromagnetic compatibility specialists has developed a fine fabric that effectively shield electromagnetics rays. The Swiss Sheild fabrics are
  • the only shielding material world-wide which incorporates high textile properties
  • effectively protecting from electrical fields and electromagnetic interference (electro smog) 
  • woven with yarns that contain a very thin silver coated metallic yarn in the core
  • available in cotton or polyester
  • very fine, translucent, washable, soft and decorative (dyeable and printable)
  • easily processable for the most diverse applications

Swiss Shield offers optimal protection everywhere where humans, data or equipment should be protected against electrical fields and electromagnetic rays.

Swiss Shield conductive spun yarns for EMI protection


Swiss Shield yarns are available in a wide count range, from very fine to extremely coarse.

Different base materials, such as polyester, polyamide or aramids, can serve whereas customer can choose the conductive element between metals like gold, silver, copper or any other electrically conductive type. Furthermore, an insulating surface can be optionally chosen aswell.


Swiss Shield yarns form the base for the production of Swiss Shield textiles with specifically variable characteristics.

Swiss Shield textiles are available in grammages of between 40 gr/m2 to 250 gr/m2 and provide shielding from a few dB to over 80 dB. Swiss Shield textiles are as simple to process as normal fabrics.

Swiss Shield and Spoerry 1866, the ultimative specialist solution for EMI protection

Swiss Shield procuts offer effective, simple and uncomplicated protection. They are economically interesting and fulfill all requirements of aesthetics. Swiss Shield with the outstanding tectile characteristics is therefore already employed in many different fields of applications:
  • industry & trade
    protection for work wear/office premises, HF shielding of cables, automotive electric impulse shielding, protective systems for operational security of computer and IT systems, termoforming, EMV packing matierals
  • medical
    shielding of station and intensive care areas, protection and partial shielding of sensitive medical instruments
  • military & administration
    packing materials, shielding of command centers and embassies, NEMP and HPM protection

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