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Rhovyl, the chlorofiber producer, for your high demand end application.
In 1948, Rhône-Poulenc formed Rhovyl to produce and market an innovative synthetic fibre made from PVC (chlorofibre). From 1948 to the beginning of the 1990s, Rhovyl, constantly in tune with changes in the market place, adapted in order to bring itself fully into line with users' expectations.
In 1992, with the textile industry in the grip of economic crisis, Rhône-Poulenc decided to sell Rhovyl to Alain Regad, who bought out the company and assumed control.
In 1994, Rhovyl acquired a spinning mill, Filature de l'Avesnois, which is the ideal partner for chlorofibre development in the textile chain.

Since then, Rhovyl has continued its growth by acquiring the Filature de l'Avesnois. In tune with the expectations of the textile chain and end users, and ready to answer their needs, Rhovyl sets up a developed commercial organization.

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