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High quality viscose filament yarn in bright or dull.
Newstartex as the leading exporter of Chinese viscose rayon  was founded in 1995,and began its business products activities as an exporter of Chinese viscose filament yarn to global market. During the 10 years, Newstartex gradually  expanded its  activities as an exporter to include various textile products, established  an excellent reputation as a company which fulfilled its commercial  commitments domestically and abroad, and which provided an  exceptional high level of service to its customers.

Newstartex is a diversified international merchant with principal  emphasis on viscose rayon. It has been promoting Chinese  viscose filament yarn worldwide since 1995. Today, they are the  biggest Chinese exporting trading company of viscose rayon yarn.They represent the biggest viscose rayon filament yarn producer,  Xinxiang Bailu Chemical Fiber Group Co. Ltd, as their sales global  partner and sole export agent in Shanghai.

The customer are served with competitive prices, premium quality and  exceptional high level after-sales service.
Offices at New Star Tex as well as production of viscose rayon filament yarn at XinXiang Bailu Chemical Fiber Group
New Star Tex is located at the Shanghai Business belt in Pudong new district with an office space of not less than 10,000 sq ft equipped with the advanced Company's intranet system with a working staff of more than 80 personnel. It is the company goal to consolidate the traditional relationship with old correspondents as well as to develop new relationships with new potential correspondents in the world.

In 2003 New Star Tex strategically started aiming at promoting Chinese viscose yarn to the Western markets which are new market for Chinese viscose. Based on the successful sole agency marketing co-operation in Japan market, Xinxiang Bailu Chemical Fiber Group Co., Ltd. (biggest Chinese viscose filament yarn maker which annual production capacity of 30,000 tons 'EGRET' brand viscose filament yarn, 30,000 tons viscose staple fiber and 2,000 tons twisted viscose filament yarn with equipment imported from Italy) has authorized the New Star Tex company as sale agent with competitive prices, improved quality and effective services, we believe Chinese viscose yarn will become popular in western yarn market just as in Japan, Korea, and India
Egret brand spundyed viscose filament yarn from New Star Tex Shanghai
New Star Tex offers mainly two product lines of Viscose:
  • fibers
    We can provide different types of viscose fiber with dtex 1.1 - 5.0 / cutlength 20 - 120mm in bright luster, semidull luster or dyed. Well advanced quality control facilities ensure highest quality.
  • filament yarn (Egret brand)
    Spun by centrifugal or continuous spinning system, we can offer viscose filament yarn in dtex 56 f 50 - dtex 660 f 60 in bright luster or dull luster. Twists according to customer requirements are possible, as well as plying. Also, there is the possible of solution dyed yarn. 

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