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Leading producer of special yarn from natural and synthetic fibers and their blends.
Established back in 1886, Predilnica Litija is nowadays one of the leading European producers of special yarns from natural and synthetic fibres and their blends.

Litija, as a cotton type spinning mill, specialised in ring-spun yarns from bi- or more-component blends of different natural and man-made fibers. Other spinning techniques are possible however as well. Their yarns have been applied for a variety of end-uses in apparel, home and technical textiles, in weaving as well as knitting.

Litija, leading producer of special yarn from natural and synthetic fibers and their blends.


In-house knowledge coupled with first class quality systems and the willingness to develop specific characteristics into yarns enables Litija to offer new development opportunities to all of the customers.

Litija is happy to develop yarns to your specific requirements. To do so, the flexibility of the production capabilities is being continuously upgraded so that favourable delivery terms can be offered.
The emphasis on R&D and service means that Swicofil combined with Litija is your partner right through to the final article.

Quality managament and sustainability round up the effort of Litija to fully satisfy all the customer needs.
Litija, specialist for multicomponent ring spun yarns


Litija offers a wide variety on products like special linen blends, modacryl or polyester spuns. Correspondingly, the fields of application where Litija yarns can be used is of a broad range aswell:
Comfort and durability combined with adaptility and safety - this is Litija


Comfort, durability and adaptability as well as guaranteeing your safety have highest priority when it comes to Litija technical yarns.

Antistatic, abrasion resistant or flame retardant yarns are therefore manufactured with highest quality fibers and careful attention to create your product with the desired functional properties.
Funtionality however also includes properties like antibacteria, thermo regulation or moisture management to name a few. 
Yarn with special properties and long lasting as well as efficient performance - this is Litija


Litia strives to provide yarns which increase the appeal of the final product to the consumer. To do so, Litija focuses on developing yarn blends which deliver special properties and which provide long lasting and efficient performance. 

But also, Litija links creativity with nature and innovation so that yarns combine the natural fibre properties that we all value with value added functionalities.
Special blend yarns by innovation and compasion - this is Litija


Fashion is naturally experimental, changing from season to season. However, there is always a stable core of fibres and yarn blends which act as an anchor to which seasonal trends are applied. Litia, with its emphasis on providing a wide choice of yarns from different fibre blends, is very well placed to provide these yarns - whilst also offering the flexibility of yarns from new blends to meet the demands of changing fashion trends.


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