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Hunan Isunte Co. Ltd. is located in Yiyang City, Hunan Province, which is known as "the ramie capital of the world". Hunan Isunte is the most unique Chinese large-scale state-owned ramie textile enterprise that deals from raw material to garments. It employs more than 5000 staff and its annual productivity is over 1 billion RMB.

In recent years Hunan Isunte pushed the strategy of a famous brand and it has been persisting in the development of agriculture, technology, research and trade. It's now on the way to forging itself as "the world ramie textile aircraft carrier".

The brand "ISUNTE" has been registered in 64 countries and regions. Hunan Isunte also has established subsidiaries South Korea and the UK. On the aspect of scientific and technical research the company has anticipated exploiting high-count and super-fine ramie fabrics in China and series of top grade ramie garments such as shirts, suits, women's collections, T-shirts, uniforms and so on.
Ramie yarn production at Hunan Isunte
The Hunan Isunte production programm is divided into two parts:
  • 100% pure ramie yarn
    short or long fiber;
    from Nm 60/1 up to Nm 7.5/1
  • ramie blends
    mainly blended with cotton, but also possible with PET, viscose, rayon or lycra
    from Nm 50/1 up to Nm 11/2

Furthremore, Hunan Isunte includes the following lines:
  • pure ramie cloth in dyed (grey or white)
  • pure ramie yarn dyed series (stripe, check, plain, jacquard, etc.)
  • ramie-cotton blend / interwoven dyed series
  • ramie / linen interwoven series
  • PET / cotton / ramie shirt fabric series
  • ramie / cotton blend indigo denim series

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