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The best choice for Jacquard looms.
Hetex Jacquard - The best choice for Jacquard looms.
Hetex harness cords have internationally been known for more than 50 years. Innovation and the striving for perfection determine Hetex actions. Hetex Jacquard is a supplier of mechanical engineers, harness builders and weaving mills. 

High quality, modern production lines, high effort in R&D and close cooperation with their customer make Hetex to what they are internationally highly appreciated for: the world leading manufacturer of harness cord. All this while they pay special regard to the enrivonmental friendliness of their products and appreciate their staff as the most important factor in their business.

Hetex - special constructions and finish for high speed Jacquard machines.
The products of Hetex are furthermore
  • of highest abrasion resistance
  • stabilized and with a controlled elasticity
  • smooth and sofrt
  • optionally with an antistatic finish
  • available in various sizes on disc bobbin with measured lengths.

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