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Sansita, belonging to frank sportswear, for neurodermitis and other skin problems.
Sansita, belonging to frank sportswear, for neurodermitis and other skin problems.


In cooperation with the "Thüringischen Institut für Textil- und Kunststoff- Forschung e.V." (Institute for research on textiles and synthetics of Thüringen) and smartfiber AG Sansita developed a unique composition of materials that allows silver ions to be released optimally and thus to kill harmful bacteria. During the production of the fibers, ion exchangers are added to the original cellulosic material. These exchangers are responsible for the fixing of the silver and are eventually able to release the silver ions effectively in dosed quantities.

Sansita for good reasons:
  • the soft Sansita® fabric provides a sense of well being that is relieving for itching skin
  • the urge to scratch the skin is lessened
  • there is no dissolving of the wrapping, which frequently happens with products made of silver coated yarns
  • by integration of finely ground ion exchangers a high quantity of silver ions are added into smartcel™bioactive fiber. This huge capacity with the constant dosed release of silver ions allows a extraordinary high anti-bacterial effectiveness
  • the smooth and long lasting effect persists even after washing the products hundreds of times
  • the breathable MicroModal® fibre is 100 percent biodegradable
  • Sansita® clothes are produced in a very environmental friendly way - no use of dye stuffs or ugly chemical additives
  • highest quality rawmaterial guarantees a soft and high-value product
    • MicroModal® fiber by Lenzing 
    • smartcel bioactive fiber by Smartfiber


Silver ions are released in small and anti-microbially effective doses over a long period, killing the bacteria and pathogenic germs naturally by blocking their energy supply, i.e. the micro-organisms virtually "starve to death".


Clothes consist of 93% MicroModal® , 5% Lycra®, and 2% smartcel bioactive®. The soft and high-value MicroModal® fiber by Lenzing in combination with the elastic Lycra® provide an optimal comfort when wearing and the products fit perfectly to the body forms.

Lenzing MicroModal® is the finest fiber that makes textiles particularly soft and cuddly. The microfiber is extracted from beech wood and therefore is 100% biodegradable.

Furthermore, the incorporated silver ions with certified anti-bacterial effect further take care of you. The "Forschungsinstitut Hohenstein" (Institut for research of Hohenstein) tested the anti- bacterial effect of SANSITA® clothes. 18 hours after applying the strain of bacteria over 99% of the germs were killed.

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