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Fein-Elast, combining elastic and non-elastic yarns.
The Fein-Elast Group is an internationally leading manufacturer of elastic and non-elastic combination yarns made of both synthetic and natural fibres.

Products of the Fein-Elast Group are used for a wide range of applications in the world of fashion and in medicine technology, in the area of home textiles and in the automotive industry as well as in aeronautics and the aerospace industry.

Customization and custom-tailored are deeply established in Fein-Elast's company profile, striving to meet the customer's every wish.


The future belongs to quality products - the throw-away mentality is out. High-quality outerwear and underwear is made of ply-twisted yarn and the proverb "dressed in fine twist" hits the point precisely. These demands are rising, costumers prefer beautiful looks, wearing comfort, crease-resistance without chemical treatment and form stability also after cleaning. The solution for these requirements is a quality twist with an elastic core. This high-tech product is called ElastoTwist.

ElastoTwist yarns are produced exclusively on Hamel machinery in the hollow spindle process. Un-elastic natural or man-made fibres are wound around the elastane core and cover it. Thus the yarn acquires the look and feel of the elastic core yarn.

ElastoTwist combines tradition with progress and elegance with comfort. It ensures a secure future, creates a new feeling of comfort and opens new doors for creativity. ElastOTwist is therefore more than just a production process - it embodies the life style of today.

ElastoTwist means more security for all downstream processors and consumers. The elastane core is not twisted, it is truly covered and thus ideally protected. This leads to a drastic improvement in the retraction power of the finished fabrics. ElastoTwist has the special twist for more elasticity with this technology.

Behind ElastoTwist stands the Hamel hollow-spindle process backed by the latest technology. Optimal textile technological features can be archieved with the twisting machine ElastoTwister. Equipped with completely enclosed spindles, the ElastoTwister is the only machine in the world wich allows twisting without air resistance and without thread balloon.

in the twisting process only a very low mechanical strain occurs, thus there are hardly any thread breaks. The process offers enormous quality advantages and high flexibility:
  • no soiling by fibre fly
  • low and even thread tension
  • low hairiness
  • even wrapping around the elastane
  • elastane core does not obtain any twist

ElastoTwist thus means:
  • customer specific solutions
    for the growing market for stretch products. In the count number of Nm 10/2 to 200/2 (elastane range 22 to 156 dtex)
  • more comfort
    with a fantastic feeling of comfort never before attained. Fabrics are given more elasticity and retracting power.
  • better quality
    Because it is a real and complete covering process. Twisting and wrapping at the same time. As the elastane is not twisted, the yarn elasticity is always fully maintained.
  • more dimensional stability
    All clothes withstand bagging and creasing. They keep their shape and appearance, even after many washes and cleanings.

ElastoTwist leads to an attractive look, silhouettes show smooter outlines, unstructured fabrics keep their shape. The feel and look of the fabrics improve.
ElastoTwist opens new doors for creativity. Styling gets a new dimension and new looks and images can be created for the fabrics.
ElastoTwist means more profitability in the whole downstream processing of the elastic fabrics. Thread breaks are almost eliminated, handling is easier and there is less second choice.

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