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Solving conductivity issues in textile products with Epitropic fibers.
Epitropic fibers Ltd manufactures and promotes the marketing of Epitropic antistatic fibers. Pioneered by Imperial Chemical Industries (ICI Fibres Ltd) in the early 1970, Epitropic fibres have a well established track record in a variety of end uses where static dissipation is essential.

Epitropic is ISO 9001 certified and workes according  to the Health and Safetly Standards.


The original Epitropic marketing operations were owned by Imperial Chemical Industries (ICI Fibres Ltd). Epitropic Fibres Ltd was formed in 2002, following the acquisition of the Epitropic fibre marketing operation by the JWH Group.

JWH Group consists of a number of progressive, innovative companies specializing in the manufacture of textile reinforced products and high technology polymers; also the recycling of textile related materials. Manufacturing and marketing operations of Epitropic fibres are now centered in Vale Mills in the north of England.

Epitropic Fibers - antistatic fiber solutions



Epitropic fiber consists of carbon particles embedded in the surface of polyester fiber. When blended with regular fibers, it confers static conductivity to textile farbics - usually, although not exclusively, manufactured using non-woven technology going through the following process stages:
  • Opening and blending - usually up to 5% Epitropic with one or more types of polyester staple fiber
  • Cross lapping
  • Tacking to woven scrim material
  • High density needling
  • Singeing followed by optional glazing
  • Heat setting after optional chemical application.

Surface view of Epitropc fibers
Surface view of Epitropic fibers
Cross sectional view of Epitropic fibers
Cross sectional view of Epitropic fibers
Popular final applications for Epitropic products include dry filtration, linings, safety work wear, carpets and upholstery.

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