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Fine and complex braiding up to your requirements.
Cortex Hümbelin AG has been providing inventive techniques and the latest manufacturing and quality controlls for more than 80 years in order to guarantee the customers fullest satisfaction - in every way. Because Cortex customers do not only receive a wonderful product but also become part of a broader network through the collaboration. 

Furthermore, thanks to distinct knowledge and worldwide contacts, we can offer methodic solutions to the most complex customer demands.
Round braiding of Ø 0.3-30mm, multilayered surface pattern, 3D-surfaces and surface modifications for customers demanding the highest technical standards.
Cortex Hümbelin is your partner for applications like: 
  • round braiding
    (static ropes, tension relief cable, lashings, wires in hi-fi systems, braided riggin lines for helicopters, ...)
  • multi-layered surface pattern
  • 3D surfaces
    (sandwich constructions in bullet-proof and puncture-proof vests, fiber cordage for power extension, cordages for high performance in wheel safety, ...)
  • surface modifications
Cortex delivers high qualitative braids in a vast number of materials. May it be natural (such as hemp, flax or ramie), synthetic (PET, PA, PP, PTFE) or natural rubber - Cortex Hümbelin AG is your partner.

Accordingly, the list of applications where Cortex products are used is just as unlimited. Cortex is able to deliver for every field - protection, cosmetic, industry or decoration to name a few.

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